About Us

The Pooe Foundation, formerly known as Motswako Trust is a philanthropic organization, funded through a special community development levy paid by our partner companies such as Motswako Media Group, Mediware, Black Apple Media, Mnandi Braai and others. These companies, all owned by Pooe and Associates Investment Holdings contribute a sizable portion of their Corporate Social Responsibility budget to the Foundation to unable it to carry-out its objectives.

The Foundation funds and undertakes projects focusing on the plight of vulnerable children and women. The Foundation aims to provide sustainable solution to projects it works with, we believe in retaining long term partnerships.

Confronting the difficulty faced by vunerable child and women cannot be resolved through once-ff intervention, these challenges requires sustainable solutions forged through smart partnerships.

Founding Chairman
Mr. Tebogo Pooe believes that when you make a difference in one person's life they are more likely to help someone in the future thereby creating caring and supportive communities around us.

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